women receiving a massage


Note: At this time, The Spa at Pinehurst is offering only 50-minute services.

Seasonal Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $160 Sun-Thu
  • $170 Fri-Sat

Hello-Rasmo Seasonal Massage


Hello Yellow Shea Butter, Honey heel Glaze, Quinsyberry® Botanical Body Oil

Swedish massage that focuses on restoring hydration to the skin. This service ends with a divine foot massage with Honey Heel Glaze.

(50 minutes)

The Pinehurst Fire & Ice Stone Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $190 Sun-Thu
  • $200 Fri-Sat

A relaxing way to relieve stress and muscle aches, the Pinehurst Fire & Ice Stone massage addresses specific problem areas with the massage therapist using basalt and marble stones. This full body massage treatment promotes relaxation combining deep heat followed by localized cryotherapy using the iced marble stones. This perfect combination of heat and cold therapy ends with a cool peppermint compress to the face to relieve tension and daily stress.

The Ayurvedic Bindi Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $180 Sun-Thu
  • $190 Fri-Sat

This Ayurvedic treatment involves a nice relaxing application of a traditional herbal mask on the back, followed by a tranquil Swedish massage using a traditional Shirodhara infused body oil and aromatic face and body mist. At the end, the guest will receive a traditional invigorating scalp massage with the Shirodhara oil.

Customized Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $195 Sun-Thu
  • $205 Fri-Sat

Design a 50-minute massage experience to suit your needs. Select two enhancements with a 50-minute Swedish massage.

Massage: Swedish
Enhancements: Back Scrub, Foot Scrub, Hot Oil Scalp Treatment, Aromatherapy, Back Mask or Honey Heel Glaze

Deep Tissue Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $190 Sun-Thu
  • $200 Fri-Sat

Increased circulation, enhanced muscle function and elasticity are just a few of the rejuvenating effects of our Deep Tissue Massage. Designed especially for guests who regularly receive massages and prefer a firmer touch, this service helps restore proper body alignment and range of motion using slow and deliberate methods. (50 minutes)

Golfer's Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $190 Sun-Thu
  • $200 Fri-Sat

This Swedish-style massage combines the benefits of compression and stretching to target the muscles most commonly used by athletes. Perfect before or after your favorite sports activity. (50 minutes)

Hot Stone Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $165 Sun-Thu
  • $175 Fri-Sat

Let the power of the earth move you with this classic hot stones service. This massage combines deep heat and Swedish techniques to melt away stress and relieve stiffness. (50 minutes)

Pinehurst Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $160 Sun-Thu
  • $170 Fri-Sat

Take time for total rejuvenation. The classic Swedish massage promotes relaxation, enhances circulation and relieves muscle pain and tension. (50 minutes) 

Maternity Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $160 Sun-Thu
  • $170 Fri-Sat

Specially designed for the expectant mother in her second or third trimester, this decadent Swedish massage will relax both mother and baby alike. Extra care will be given to ensure your comfort throughout the experience. (50 minutes)

Foot Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $150 Sun-Thu
  • $160 Fri-Sat

This is a restorative treatment in which feet and hands are massaged to re-establish an optimal flow of energy throughout the body. It is a perfect finish to an active day on the golf course. (50 minutes)

Couples Massage
  • 50 min:
  • $320 Sun - Thur
  • $340 Fri - Sat

Take time for total rejuvenation. The classic Swedish massage promotes relaxation, enhances circulation and relieves muscle pain and tension for two. (50 minutes) 


Add on to service:  $25 for one specific area

Cupping promotes the releasing of the soft and connective tissues, adhesions, moving stagnation and increasing circulation. This style of therapy is beneficial for guests who suffer from tight muscles, tension headaches, lactic acid buildup and muscle spasms. Your massage therapist will address your specific area of concern.

Massage Enhancements

The following services may be included within your Deep Tissue, Pinehurst, Hot Stone or Golfers Massages. No additional time is added to the service. Each enhancement is $25 per massage.

  • Foot treatment (Honey Heel Glaze)
  • Foot Scrub
  • Aromatherapy
  • Back Mask
  • Back Scrub
  • Hot oil scalp massage (Agave Nectar)
  • Hand or Foot treatment
  • Hot Stone Foot massage
  • Cold Stone Face Massage
Spa Escape Package

An excellent companion package if you’re traveling with a golfer and great for a girls’ getaway!

  • One night accommodation in one of our historic hotels
  • One 50-minute treatment
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • All-day access to the sauna, eucalyptus steam room, whirlpools and tranquility areas on day of service.