A collage of images showing some of Pinehurst's most popular activities.

What's on Your Pinehurst Bucket List?

Everyone has their list of vacation must-dos, and we’re no exception. We even have a shirt that says so.

Last month, we asked our subscribers to tell us what was on their list for their next trip to Pinehurst. It was difficult to pick just two, but congratulations to Adam A. and Howard G. who will receive our bucket list shirt. Their lists comprised of competition and comprehension won us over:

So much to do there, I always have a bucket list for my next go round! So for next time: 1. Play #2 – I haven’t played it since the renovation. 2. Play #3 – love the shorter course. 3. One club (plus putter) challenge on the Cradle, with plenty of transfusions! 4. Cocktails and a barefoot round at Thistle Dhu. 5. Dinner at the Pinehurst Brewery. 6. Breakfast at the Carolina (best sausage gravy anywhere!) 7. Cigar and bourbon on the back deck of the clubhouse watching players come in on #2.
-Adam A.

My bucket list: spending my 60th birthday with my three sons playing golf…and kicking their butt on each round at Pinehurst 2 and 4 ! The wives will be at their respective homes and us boys will be boys with just a tad of smooth whiskey to cap off the evenings. I will let them drown their sorrows while I wallow in victory once again. 
-Howard G.

A few other notable responses:

Taking a picture of my six year old granddaughter having her first golf lesson at Pinehurst with her Dad beaming in the background!
-Jennifer P.

My first stop would be the newly remodeled North and South bar. Pinehurst specific Woodford Reserve would, more than one, unlock my buried bucket list. There once was a North and South bar, Who’s Manor we missed from afar, The stucco’s been fixed, The Manor transfixed, Only 724-miles by car! (from our home in Rockford, IL)
-Greg G.

Get to Pinehurst in time for a fabulous dinner at the Carolina, wind down with several beers at the Ryder Cup, wake up at 7 to get to the breakfast buffet, play #4 in the morning, #5 in the afternoon, beers and a snack at the Deuce then an evening round at the Cradle before dinner at Pinehurst Brewing Co.
-Steve H.

I want to stay at the Manor, go the Spa for a treatment, and then have an adult beverage in the North & South Bar.  Maybe I’ll have some food there too.  Can’t wait to see the new Manor!!
-Ginny F.

My Top 3
1. Get a deuce on deuce, then tell them about it at The Deuce.
2. The Cradle
3. Rocking chair, ice cold beer, patio over looking 18 on No. 2.
-Keith S.

Spend a long luxurious day being pampered in the spa and a sun drenched afternoon basking in the sunshine at the pool both with refreshing beverages and meals delivered !
-Judy G.